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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monologues 1

Been quiet for a while.
Exams to be blamed...*sigh*
Lots of words to be swallowed.
That's the norm, no exception for a UNIVERSITY student though.

Letting me to ponder...
The society nowadays is getting more kiasu than before.
Why on Earth that grades have become one of necessities of live apart from Oxygen and water, just to name a few...?


Rebecca Black doesn't even need a good grade to become famous for getting confuse of which seat she want to take in a car to go to school.

Not to forget, did Justin Bieber even go to university and yet dragging Selena everywhere? But that kid had his own story.

Seems like it will never going to be enough just to go to college or university.
People nowadays are judges, and I literally have no idea which law schools they graduated from, and minus those wigs...and that's crap...

People...get a life, read 9GAG until you get 6packs!!!

With just one more paper to go, and sort of "already free" me, literally can do what I want at the moment without having to worry about "words bibles".

All I want to do is just be like a boss.
Enjoying tea in the evening, while imagining seating there overlooking my "vineyard" and "tea garden", truly enjoying "The Moment"...duhh!!!

Feel the richness, indulge.

On the 19th, my first year will be officially finished.

Joy but at the same time bitter sweet memories comes along.

Gone are the days I will wake up in the morning and glance out from the window, seeing the morning sun, the view and getting myself ready for classes.

And not to forget those moments where you get to get along with those people who you feel very close with and in fact feels like your brothers and sisters all day long.

And finally for you to realize that, meeting new people with a lot of things in common with you,
and to be able to share everything after knowing each other for such a short time,
and that's all because of mutual understanding and in the name of true friendship.

All of these actually makes us realize about one thing, live is having somebody else or some other people who revolves around us, apart from our family, and getting close to those people actually means more than anything else when you keep holding on to each other.

*sigh* I whining too much?? ahahaha

Alright, i'm off.

P/S: Whining?? I ain't...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 Finals Schedule

So there has been a fuss about the upcoming UEFA EURO 2012.

With the matches set to be started soon, bet lots of football fans are getting ready to stay up late this time around.

And I'm sure you won't want to miss the matches either.

Keep rooting for your favourite teams this year as the championship is about to kick start.

So the first match will start on the 8th of June.

P/S: Click to enlarge.

P/S: Click to enlarge.

P/S: Click to enlarge.

The Quarter-final Rounds

P/S: Click to enlarge.

The Semi-final Rounds

P/S: Click to enlarge.

The Final Match

P/S: Click to enlarge.

So, will Spain repeat the history again this time???
And that, we will see.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


For some reasons and somehow,
I just love sunsets.

Maybe because it's beautiful.

But for me, it's something awesome...yeah...might sounds too lame but...yeah...

It's unpredictable.
It's just a short spectacular moment.
Sometimes may come with some surprises.
It's cool.

But most of all...

It's just a view...
A spectacular view.

These are some sunset photos which I took around KK.


Sunset view around UMS.

Spectacular sunset with the presence of a double rainbows.

At my campus - Cafe D'Bayu.

Sunset view at Tanjung Aru beach.


Calm effect.